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From: Joe Moore
Date: 12 Apr 1999
Time: 19:29:53
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  Welcome to the Can Tho Airfield discussion area.

   I have placed the discussion area on the site so that people can leave a message for other people that pass through this site. To generally start a public dialogue about the Can Tho Airfield. And maybe to help us locate others that were stationed at Can Tho Airfield, or passed through the area.

   I do not intend for this site to be a blood and guts site, as many on the web are now.

   In the past few years I have run into quite a few Vietnamese that now live in the US. They are very welcome here, and I hope this site will give them a look at their homeland as it was during this period of time.

  All political messages left here will be deleted by me, at my discretion when I locate them.

   If you desire to leave your Email address for other to contact you, feel free to do so.

   If you would prefer to just leave it with me so we can start a Can Tho Airfield list, we can try working with that too. Just drop me an Email or use the Suggestion Box to send me a private note with your preferences.

   Not any of my pictures of Vietnam made it back within my hold baggage in 1973, and Rick Stayner has been really gracious and patient lending me his pictures to start this site.

   If you have pictures of the Can Tho Airfield area that you would like to share with others, I will try to present them the best that I can with your credits and descriptions.

   A little about myself. I was station with the 550th Signal Co. in Can Tho from mid 1972 to the signing of the treaty in 1973 with the Communication Center.  I went  home for two weeks 7 & 7 (R&R plus 7 days leave) just before the treaty and when the treaty was signed I did not have to return. I called back to the 550th and was told not to return to Vietnam because our unit was tearing down and moving out.   So, I returned to STATCOM Ft. Huachuca Arizona, where I was stationed before going to Vietnam . It broke my heart to have to stay in the States and not return. :-)   NOT!

  While in Can Tho I worked as a Cryptographic Equipment and Mode V computer repairman and operator. (MOS.: 32G2M2) After 32G00 school and Mode V (M2) school I was also OJT on the 32F Secure Voice and 31S Cryptographic Equipment. Schooled on FRC-93 transceiver (Collins ham radio with a liner power output amp)  installation and operation (MARS Station) and 10, 30 and 150 KW power generators.

  Before being encouraged to enlisting in the Army, by my local draft board, I was trained at the Naval Air Rework Facility at Cherry Point for over three years as an Apprentice in Naval Aviation Electronics Calibration with Test Equipment, Standards and Avionics Equipment.

   After my three years with the Army and after using my GI Bill to finish college, I returned to the Depot at Cherry Point. I still work at the Naval Aviation Depot, but now as a Reliability and Maintainability Analyst.

Your host,
Joe Moore

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