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Re: 52nd Signal Battalion 1968-1970

From: Joe Moore
Date: 12 Jun 1999
Time: 15:46:33
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Hi Jim,

Yes, it looks like we may have been in the same barracks. It was on the corner across the street on the "T" you spoke of. Entering the street side door, opposite side of the building from the Latrine building, my room was the second door down the hall on the right. The open screened windows of the room looked out at the bunker between our hooch and the barracks next down the street.

The Comm Center, when I was there in mid 72 was about as you described. But the OIC office, first door inside on the right, had been changed to the Arms room. One of the guys dropping by the site stated there was an accidental shotgun blast through the roof of the Army room while he was there by someone unloading the shotgun in the Arms room. The crypto room that I figuratively stayed chained to was the back side of the building. The end closest to the tower building and tower and the end closest to the hooch.

The Company office was in the building behind you if you were entering the door you spoke of.


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