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Re: 52nd Signal Battalion 1968-1970

From: ron elder
Date: 13 Jun 1999
Time: 11:38:41
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good i thought it was me. we just got on the cable network and it is having some problems it keeps going in and out so i dont know if it went or not. i wrote yesterday and had this message then it went down and i never got back on. got to tell you that this is really fun. what i remember of the airfield was that as you arrived at the airfield you past a special forces gate then you came to the us gate. turned left and you where on the main street in. when you got to the end of the road there was a T our barracks was right in front of the T. we were upstairs and the phone comm were on the bottom floor. the tower was to the left the comm center was to the right. there were two building the first one was the phone comm and the next was the comm center. there was a telephone pole out front. there was a bunker in front of the door that we had all the ammo in. when we came under attack they would leave two of us in the comm center and the rest would go to the bunker. we would send the messages to everyone that we were under attack. my tho soc trang and the rest. when we walked into the center there was a office where the nco and oic desk were the teletypes were in the left room and the crpto gear was in the back. by the way there should have been a bullet hole in the roof of the oic room we had some real nuts. he was cleaning his gun and it went off accidently. how im i doing so far. i can tell you where the perimeter looks like but we are talking about two different time periods. the one you know and the one i know

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