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Re: Remembering the Comm Center

From: ron elder
Date: 15 Jun 1999
Time: 23:47:09
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joe wee you in the same barracks as we were. i can tell that you are in to the computer stuff what the hell were you talking about. i have some pictures but they are so old and i dont know if they would even work. if you want to know the history of the 52nd from cantho it starts back at the pink palace. beleive it or not a had a neigbor that was there for 2 weeks after i arrived at the pink palace. small world. did you ever go to the comm center in the arvin compound downtow2n that was it when i first arrived. the airfield we pulled guard duty or slept becasue ther was no action. the headquarters was at a dead end street next to the navy yard there was a hotel across the street jim help me a cant remember the girls section binh samoey or something like that. we actually where spead out thru town for the first 3 months then we moved to the airfield. hopefully you will get some one before me that can fill in the blanks. youmight also look in the stars and stripes abount april or may for a article on the 52nd we were given a presidental citation one sgt was given the bronze star and about fifteen purple hearts. if you want i can give you some name with jims help becasue some i cant remeber. jim yes a did ride to compound ski and another pol and i had to go to the arvin compound one night and just as we pulled up to go in a flash and a gernade went off. we all ran for the bunker with the arvin in it and i could here them yelling that gook talk and holding up there hands as we dove in the bunker ski had not put on the brake and the jeep was rolling into into the wall we laughed about that for a long time some guard decided he had had enough and commited suicide. but i was black and kind of spooky getting from there back to the airport. charley like the women as much as us and they would hangout downtown. i love this shit

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