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DRAC comcenter

From: Fred Sloviko
Date: 17 Jun 1999
Time: 12:06:57
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Hello Guys!! I just finished reading some of your discussion on Can Tho. I was there from June '71 to June of '72. Most of the time I worked downtown at the DRAC CC. That place was a real piece of work! When I got there we had about a dozen guys working several circuits ( I was in crypto and teletype repair). By the time I left we only had one or two circuits left. In fact I worked a 12hr shift alone for several weeks until we had our Col. make a surprise inspection. I can't remember his name but he was a great guy. Instead of saluting him when he came into the CC I said "Hello Col." and shook his hand. Our CO, Capt.Schneider, almost had a heart attack!! When the Col. found out I was my myself for all that time he asked me what did I do when I had to relieve myself. Since the only door self locked when it closed , I told him I simply openned the door, stood in the doorway, and pissed on the lizards that used to hang around the entrance.If I had to crap I used one of the tape boxes that was laying around. Well that ole Col. got me an operator so there was always two of us and a commendation medal for the number of lizards I knocked off the walls!! Jim Miller was a buddy of mine and if he's not too drunk he may enter this discussion area too. Because I worked at DRAC I never had to pull guard duty until the last couple of months I was there.By that time we were getting pretty shorthanded. Yes,I sure do remember the cemetery and the POW compound. We took morter rounds and had One or two break-ins while I was there but nothing like it must have been around Tet! Well, I'm outa here for now. See yu guys later!! Fred

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