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Re: AP and UPI news bulletins

From: Joe Moore
Date: 11 Jul 1999
Time: 20:29:17
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Hi Jim,

As stated many times before, I am the world's worst on remembering names that is why I hope to put up a picture of some of the people in a non public area.

I do not remember our CWO's name. I want to say Coleman but I believe I have him confused with another person that was a supervisor in the Cal. Lab at Cherry Point in 68/69.

The best I can remember we had one 1st SGT that was from an Engineering group when I first got there. He made us stand formations in the mornings every day. But shortly after that he left and we received a 1st SGT that was an older Crypto person before becoming a 1st SGT, I think his name was Shields.

The Company had a young eager 2nd Lt that did not spend much time in the Comm Center. I remember he oversaw a crew one time to cleanup the area between the tower and the perimeter wire. He came us with the bright idea of burning the area off with gasoline. His efforts with the gas almost caught the building at the tower on fire. We all had to evacuate the Comm Center to try and get the fire under control.

Here is one that I am afraid I will not win any friends with. I kept a sign in the crypto room that stated:

If you find an Operator with a screwdriver in his hand..

Step 1. Break the hand and get the screwdriver.

Step 2. Find out what the screwdriver was used on.

Step 3. Repair the unit the screwdriver was used on.


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