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DRAC and Eiken Compound

From: Fred
Date: 14 Jul 1999
Time: 21:16:42
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HI Guys, After reading some of your recollections on DRAC and Eiken I'm beginning to remember more. Yes' I do believe Eiken had a com van now. Like I told Joe, I only went there afew times to get French Fries mainly! I remember it being prissy white and clean with acouple mobile homes set up for the top brass. I got my butt chewed out for not saluting a generals car in there once so except for getting fries we stayed clear of that place!! I worked at DRAC and it was alittle more laid back. We had one incident over a white duck though. A Col or Gen. ,I can't remember which, had a pet duck. This sh--head made everyone on the compound salute this duck wherever he went. After several weeks of this crap a Major finally got up enough balls to ring the ducks neck!! We all thought he was a hero!! By the way, I think Jim Banning mentioned a sgt named Albert. I knew a sgt by that name too but it was in the late '71 time frame. Could it be the same guy?? He might have served more than one tour. This guy was a real pisser. Even when he was mad it looked like he was smiling at you! The only time I remember him not laughing about something was when we were driving downtown and he ran right over an old guy on a bike.The Can Tho police chased us all the way to DRAC but the ARVN guards would't let them come in after us. We couln't stop because we had classified stuff with us.

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