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A different Sgt Albert

From: Jim Banning
Date: 15 Jul 1999
Time: 04:34:22
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Sorry Fred, but my Sgt Albert was an E-5 like myself, the same age at the time, 20, and not too military. We were just a couple of kid Sgts wishing we were back in the states.

The incident you described, about running over a Vietnamese, was similar to one that happened to me when we were running classified material into town one day. We were driving on the main road toward town, I was driving and I had a guy riding shotgun. All of a sudden, we see a Vietnamese police man running toward us, shooting his handgun. We thought he was shooting at us, so I took evasive action with the jeep, almost going into a ditch and grinding every gear in the gearbox. Turned out that another Army vehicle, going away from town, ran over a kid and the Viet cop was shooting at the rear of his truck.

I understand later that the family of the kid was paid a couple hundred bucks to clear up the matter.

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