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Re: A different Sgt Albert

From: Joe Moore
Date: 15 Jul 1999
Time: 05:11:55
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With you guys talking about it I remember being in a road accident too, on the way to the DRAC. I had been tagged to ride guard on the trip and I believe there were 3 of us in the duce and half. We had just pulled out of the gate heading to town and a local tried to pass the duce and half with traffic coming by taking the middle line in the road. Somehow he ran into the back tires with his cycleo and went down. We stopped to see if he was dead and he was not. He was not. We were still close enough to the gate that the guards saw it happen and were there on the spot, so loaded back up and headed back out with the messages. We kinda thought the guy had run into the duce and half on purpose for some reason or he did not know how to drive the stinking thing.

It was not a big deal for us because the MPs and Vietnamees QC both saw it and waved us on when they got there in about a minuet or two.


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