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From: Steve Barnes
Date: 14 Aug 1999
Time: 16:04:05
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My o my-reading over the postings today has brought back many memories-I remember a Sergeant Antley-an E7-was our Platoon sergeant-thought it would be a cool idea to march us to and from our barracks to the Hangers at the airfield. We got quite a kick out of this-skipping rather than marching-singing Mickey Mouse in falsetto-man was totally pissed-Company Commander got wind of it-and put a stop to the marching !! Our barracks sat next to the Engineers-and right behind the Service Club! When ever a good show from the USO was coming in-we would draw straws and the winner would go to the club at around 1pm-and hold the front table until that evening! Would be quite easy to be totally blown away by evening-as the beer was a dime a can-and you had to do Something while waiting for the show!! I remember a fellow named Jerry Bannon-a photographer from Miami-joined the National Guard -was told it was a good way to avoid going to Nam-poor guy was the ONLY one in his unit who was activated-was a professional photographer-and there was a shortage of them in our company at the time-! In late 69-the powers that were decided we needed a morale boster-so they ordered loads and loads of lumber-and had us convert our barracks to 2 man rooms-the parties we had doing that were legendary-Ive never had so much alcohol n my life- It is a wonder that the walls were straight-Amazing how it all comes back after all these years!

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