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From: Steve Barnes
Date: 16 Aug 1999
Time: 21:16:17
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At that time-I was around 20 years old-no wife or kids-just a big dumb kid who enlisted in the Army-thought enlistment would keep me out of Nam-didnt quite work out that way-! Yes -I remember typing up the mission reports on tape-and bundling up the days work and taking it over to the 52nd Sig- Let me see-it has been 29 years since I was there-so my geography is a tad rusty-Our Barracks-were not too far from the Hanger area-and the airstrip-in fact-directly behind our barracks-was the Service Club-and the arstrp was across the street from it. I remember the barracks were screened in across the bottom-and wooden slats to allow the breeze to flow through-there were quonset hut type latrines placed between the barracks buildings-and the Mama sans would be busily scrubbing the GI's uniforms on the shower floors as we showered next to them-modesty was in very short supply . And I remember the majority of the time-the water was luke warm at best-usually cold-and that was not the most pleasant way to get clean! Across from our barracks was the 13th ENGR Bn Mess Hall-our Mess Hall was up By the 52nd Sig-we had to pass by an open sewer trench to get to the mess hall-I found the best trick was to take a deep breath just this side of the trench- and then run full tilt-while holding my breath-the length of the ditch-to the front door of the mess hall-kept my appetite that way. I recall going to the out door movies three sets of barracks up from ours-Company there put a large sheet up against a bunker I believe-would carry a six pack of Black Label up there and perhaps a blanket to put on the ground! Helped to pass the time on those hot summer evenings!!

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