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Re: alcohol (BEER)

From: Grohoski, 327th Tropo
Date: 20 Aug 1999
Time: 13:34:29
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Aug '67 to Mar '68, Beer (or soda) was $.10/can in the PX ($2.40 per case) warm, the price in the EM Club was $.15/can cold with "premium" brands i.e.Budwieser, etc demanding $.20 when available (not often). The club got a shipment of beer (some small brewery around the Great Lakes or was it Wash./Ore. area that was so band that they had to sell it for $.05/can, COLD! Does anyone remember the brand? My brain still is repressing this bad memory. It was so bad that even for a nickel no one would buy a second can and cold to boot. (It was not Olympia nor Hamm's with the three little bears on the can)

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