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Re: alcohol (BEER)

From: Steve Barnes-244SAC
Date: 21 Aug 1999
Time: 16:28:08
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I recall the club was always stocked with Carling Black Label-the red and black an still looms in my memory!! Nastiest stuff in the world when warm-sort of like soap suds! The first night in country-the club was closed for some reason-so a buddy and I went outside the main gate-flagged a papa-san on a bicycle down-gave him some money-and asked him to get us some beer-!! I cant believe we sere so dumb as to do that-but what was even more surprising-was-he came back withthe beer! Warm Black Label-but we were appreciative just the same. There was a week when they were refurbishing the Service Club-painting the walls-and varnishing the baseboards-and such-several guys ordered screwdrivers and were served drinks which made them pretty sick-seemed teh workers had filled seeral vodka bottles with turpentine-and turpentine and OJ was what they got- As for the nickel beer-I was there from April 69 to April 70,and dont recall that at all! One thing to be truly thankful for-considering your description of it!!

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