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Re: alcohol (BEER)

From: Steve Barnes-244SAC(MOHAWK)
Date: 23 Aug 1999
Time: 21:35:56
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OH yeah-that is for sure-Carling Black Label-pure panther piss-and made no difference whether it was cold or hot-still sucked! To the fellow who was in 244th from 68 to 69-perhaps you remember a guy named Mo Mahaney-he was ther e about that time-and I do not recall ever EVER seeing him sober-he was constantly propped up in his lawn chair outside the barracks-beer in hand-never saw him without one-and never heard a coherent word out of him! Also recall one guy-A Staff Sgt-black guy-had the whole town under his thumb-owned pieces of bars all over CanTho and Ben Xe Moi-I remember he was on his third or fourth 12 month extension when I was there-couldnt leave-would have lost all his investments-cant remember his name to save my life!

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