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stu boaz doing a hell of a job

From: ron elder
Date: 09 Oct 1999
Time: 19:55:31
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most of you dont know stu but he was a e-5 who was with myself and ski, banning and maybe stevenson. he wrote down alot of people addresses and now has started to contact them. he has talked to alot of the people who were there around 67thru 68. just got off the phone with slyvester gill. hasnt changed much still a neat guy and been living in nc. he doesnt have a computer but he says he can use his brothers and is going to check out the site, dont remember much about the uso think i was ther once, when we lived at the pink palace we had meals at the compound. if i remeber right it had a pool. martha raye was there before we moved to the airfield. useto watch movies on the wall at the pink palace everyones eyes where watching nest door a beautiful girl lived next to the palace. there was a cleaner across the street and bien so was down the road, had to be back at the palace at 1100. some made it some didnt. Can Tho was a neat area until we moved to the airfield

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