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Remember all the Veterans

From: Jim Banning
Date: 11 Nov 1999
Time: 05:20:49
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While Nam was no stroll in the park, at least we knew that most of us would be going home in a year. The WWII vets were in there for the duration. Because of them, we are not speaking German right now. When I began working in the fire department 26 years ago, I used to listen to the Korean vets talk about their experiences and I could relate to some of their experiences. Now, 26 years later, the young firefighters coming on now have no military experience and they have no sense of history. Telling them that you were in Nam is like telling them that you've been to Disneyland. Living through Nam makes me more appreciative of how great America really is. Even the poorest people in America have a higher standard of living than the Vietnamese of the 60s.


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