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Can Tho Militia

From: FRED
Date: 17 Nov 1999
Time: 13:39:54
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An incident happened to me over there one night and I havn't been able to get it out of my mind. Shortly after the "Great Barracks Fire" ,I was trying to get some sleep under one of the work benches in the Com Center when we got a call from the M P station in Can Tho.They were having trouble with one of their mobile com units.Spec-5 Chavez and I volunteered to go down to see if we could help.This was between 1-2 AM and the road was deserted. Half way down we noticed a civilian type truck with about half a dozen or so Vietnamise in the back.As they came closer we saw they were armed and dressed in black. Chavez and I were in the back of our 3/4 ton - I don't remember who was driving. Anyway, we both had our 16's in our laps and I remember pointing them at the truck and flipping to "auto". Both vehicles slowed as we passed and all of us just stared at eachother until finally someone gave a "wave" and off we went.Chavez and I both thought they might have been VC and that we were the luckiest bastards in Nam that night. Do any of you guys remember if Can Tho had a militia or "home guard" unit that would explain these jokers or aim I indeed lucky to be here today!!

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