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Groups/Units around Can Tho

From: Joe Moore
Date: 05 Dec 1999
Time: 22:11:03
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OK guys I can use some help here trying to identify some of the groups in and around Can Tho when we were there.  I was there, I do a little code and I do a little graphics, but I am a long ways from being an expert on Vietnam.  The same as many of us survived over their and made it home, we had to depend on others to cover our back sides and worked as a Team to get things done and make things happen.

Again I am in need of a little help.  And I could use all the help I can receive in identifying and listing as many of the groups that were stationed at Can Tho Airfield and other areas around the Can Tho area.

It is not clear to me yet how to exactly do this but at the moment I am leaning towards starting a page by itself listing the units as you guys help me to identify the groups. This Christmas I will probably start a newer Discussion group page, because of the length we have achieved so far on this page.  This page will not be thrown away but I will create a page before this page listing this page as the past page and another page as the newer general Discussion area.  From the in-between page I am thinking about creating a page like the Discussion page just for people to list the groups/units they know about that were in the Can Tho area.

With the input from that Group/Unit Discussion page and/or books and publications I can find listing units there, I will create a web page listing the known groups/units.  The general Discussion area will go on as the main Discussion area. The older Discussion page will be listed with the timeframe that it was on line.  A third Discussion page for group/unit add only purposes will also be linked from there too.

I can use all the constructive criticism on this you guys would care to Email me or post from the suggestion form, if you care to remain anonymous.

It is also my intent to try and add a group page for the 1st Aviation Brigade, C Troop 16th Cav. and other Air units, if I can find someone knowledgeable on the Air units to help with the wording and content.


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