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Re: Groups/Units around Can Tho

From: Dave Fesmire about the 147th ASHC, 271st ASHC & C Troop
Date: 18 Dec 1999
Time: 01:46:49
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Hi there, Name is Dave Fesmire I arrived in Charley Tango in Jan 1971 and was assigned to the 271st Assault Support Helicopter Company "Innkeepers". Which was a Chinook outfit with A & B model Ch47s. We had a platoon of OH-58 Kiowa's called the "Bartenders". The other Hook company was the 147th ASHC call-sign "Hillclimbers". Don't know much about them, except they had newer B & C model aircraft. In Sept 71 the 271st stood down and I believe went to Korea. They have a Web page but the address escapes me right now. I then transferred to C Troop (AIR) 16th Cav "Darkhorse" and remained there as a slick doorgunner/crewchief until my DEROS in Dec. During that time, I believe other aviation units there were the 335 Attack Helicopter Company (Cobras) Call sign "Delta Devils"?? maybe. Also the 162nd Assault Helicopter Company "Vultures and Copperheads". Not sure who else. When I returned for tour #2 in Jun 72 to C Troop, it was us, the Hillclimbers, and some 18th CAG birds call sign "Green Delta". Things had definetly changed in the 5 months I was gone. Will do some research for ya if your interested. My WEB page is up but the images aren't loading right now. It has a link to the C/16th page and the VHFCN page which has a link to the 271st page. I have become the unoffical unit contact for all Darkhorse personnel from the D 1/4 days in Phu Loi to the C/16 end in Can Tho. Contact on the following push's Respectfully, Dave Fesmire CE Innkeeper 007 CE Darkhorse 751 & 704

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