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Stu Boaz:  Time In Vietnam

From: Stu Boaz
Date: 29 Dec 1999
Time: 17:39:32
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I arrived in Vietnam in August of 1966. I left Vietnam in April of 1968. During that time I remember the bank building being the headquarters downtown. I remember the MACV Compound. I remember seeing Martha Raye. I also remember seeing Hank Snow. I remember when the com-center was downtown. We worked twelve hour shifts. I remember standing guard during the World Series of 1966 outside the Pink Palace with a half gallon of Early Times. Still don't know who won that game. I remember watching movies from the balcony of the Pink Palace. I remember the night David Tomlin, Roger Johnson, and I think J.J. made Spec 4. We celebrated. They got drunk. Late that night the hospital area was mortared. They came over to get blood donors. Part of the donors went. Too much alcohol. They wouldn't take their blood. David Tomlin slept through it and didn't even know we had been mortared until we woke him up the next morning. I remember playing Ace Ducie card game and losing alot of money. I remember singing in the Pink Palace with Chuck Stilwell, John Roper. I was the old man of the outfit and I turned twenty-five of November of 1966. So I always had young men coming to me with some of there problems. I don't remember any serious combat activity until we transfered to the air field. Some of the guys in the outfit at the time with me were Chuck and Jon Stilwell (twins) from Oklahoma, David Tomlin, Roger Johnson, Sam Cohen, Walt Helhowski, Ron Elder, Ray Iturbe, Robert Ronje, Mitch Atchley, Jim Johnson, better known as J.J. who was killed February 6, 1968. At that time David Tomlin and myself were in Australia on R.& R. Some of the fellows that I would like to get hold of are: Bob Villegas, Zane Mueller, Robert Potter, William Sechrist, Eric Gura to name a few.In May or June of 1999 Tina McNeill who is J.J.'s daughter contacted me through Roger Johnson who was from Montana. Since that time I have found fifteen of the guys we were in Vietnam with and am still looking for more. Hope some of the above names might ring in with someone. Tina's organization S.D.I.T. Sons and Daughers In Touch are having a reunion Fathers Day in June of 2000 at the WALL in D.C. Some of us have plans to attend at this time. Hope anyone interested and would like to be there will contact me and I can get you information on hotels, meetings, tours, etc. Hope this isn't too long, but wanted to put a little history concerning me and my time over there. If you know me or someone I have mentioned give me a call or e-mail me. Sincerely, Stu Boaz

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