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Re: 13th Security Police

From: Jim Taylor (Jan-Oct 70)
Date: 12 Feb 2000
Time: 02:00:57
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I remember the SP's. The bums gave me a ticket once. Oh well, that then was happier times. I also remember the shooting in the barracks when a SP4 was killed (1 april 70) I was sitting in the room playing poker when him and 2 other people. I also remember when a grenade portion of a M-79 went off in the EM killing one and injuring 31 others. I had to help clean up the mess. I was a MA there, this happened mid May. I also remember the bar district downtown, (Ben sa moi) or however it was spelled. Great times down there. Remember the Massage Parlor, one side for Officers and Senior NCO's and the other for the lowly EM's. I can remember when a rocket from a Cobra slid out of it's tube and rolled down the roof of the Parlor. Scared the hell out of everyone in the building.

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P.S. I still have a picture of my jeep (hand receipted by the way so it was mine), I have seemed to have lost the majority of my pictures, but there are still alot in my head.

hope to read some mail later

Jim Taylor USA Retired

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