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Remembering a terrible night at the EM Club (mid May 70)

From: Jim Taylor
Date: 15 Feb 2000
Time: 00:06:51
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I was working as a MA (Master at Arms) at the EM Club one night, sitting at the front door, only door that was open. When there was an explosion in the middle of the club. At first I thought it was a morter attack. I always wondered why they never mortered when everybody was at the clubs. Then a guy came running up to me saying that it wasn't a morter but a grenade. He said that a engineneer had brought it in from a range they had cleared. It was the grenade part of a M-79. It exploded under him, I think it killed him, but it also wounded 26 GI's and 5 Vietnamese waitresses. I had to stay behind and help clean up the mess. We found out later that the guy was going to make an ash tray out of the grenade head. He had had it in the bottom pocket on his pants. Everything you put in that pocket falls out, even when it's bottoned.

Jim Taylor

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