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Re:SPOOKY & Combat

From: Bill Grohoski
Date: 18 Feb 2000
Time: 07:25:48
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It was late in the day, just before sunset early '68 (maybe after Tet started) there was about a dozen of us on the outside steps of our Jungle barracks drinking warm beer and watching 'SPOOKY' make lazy left had circles over a patch of jungle about 2 Klicks to the South past the POL point. Every so often the Gatlings would open up and it would look as if molten metal was being poured out the side. About 5 seconds later we'd hear the foghorn like booooop. Just then sombody downstairs yelled, "Hey, Combat's on television" and all but me and another GI went inside to watch reruns of COMBAT on a 13" Black & White screen of AFRS out of Saigon. They had all sorts of jury rigged wires for an antenna but it was a fuzzy picture at best. So there the two of us were, we opened another warm one and asked each other why anyone would leave this live, technicolor, real war scene to squint at a poor signal, rerun of some actors playing war. May God bless those Spooky's and the crews that flew them.

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