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Re: Remembering a terrible night at the EM Club (mid May 70)

From: Chuck Grice
Date: 30 Mar 2000
Time: 10:09:58
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I was also there that night, Jim.

Rowan and I, from the 271st were sitting against the wall away from the bar. The grenade went off about twenty feet away. There was a group of "newbies" that had police detail out in the barbed wire. One found himself a war souvenir. He placed it on the table. Word I got was it rolled off the first time without going off, but that must have armed it. The second time it fell it went off. It put a hole in the concrete floor about three inches deep and eight inches round. After the chaos died down, Rowan and I went back to the same table. We both found shrapnel embedded in the wall at neck level to our sides. Our buddy who had his back to the blast got a piece in the back of his leg. One guy had his hand mangled, he was scheduled to leave Nam the next day. I think that might have been me talking to you at the EM club office. I ended up giving my blue T-shirt to the guy with the mangled hand.

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