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Satchel Charges

From: Bob Pratt
Date: 11 Jun 2000
Time: 08:51:39
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Do any of you remember the night in late 67 (maybe earlie 68)that Charlie stole the ARVN ambulance and used it to get on the flight line and blow up everything on the flight line. Of course we were asleep and when things started to go boom I jumped out of bed and grab my rifle and tried to go out the front door of our barracks. We were in the last barracks on the row closes to the flight line. There were some tent houches between us and the flight line. As I hit the door I could see these green tracers coming right at me, at least that's what it look like. Actually they were over my head and put a bunch of holes above the door area in our barracks. We were on the second floor. After all of the excitement was over we were standing in front of the barracks when an A1E flew down the middle of the runway firing his 20mm cannon and just tearing up the PSP on the runway. Charlie was already long gone, don't know what was in the mind of that pilot but it was funny. It took some welders about two days to repair the runway. SP5 Bob Pratt HHC 13th CAB

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