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Re: Can Tho Vets Email List

From: Bill Tyner
Date: 5/25/2002
Time: 4:44:15 PM
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I have been hanging with alt war vietnam, been having a lot of fun, had a website up for awhile but would like to house some photos I took while working with the 10th PsyOps Bn. I was S3 Air Liaison and worked at Binh Thuy. Our S.O.S. squadron had a pair of '43 vintage Gabby's and a brace of "super" U-10's. They parked next to the Spookys. I have loads of pics. Is there a possibility of uploading my stuff from 1/7/68-1/6/69? Since I crewed a lot, I have quite a few aerial photos. One is of an AM class MS from WWII!! I looked through the old posts and didn't see anything from PsyOps. Any room in the website for me and my memories? Yes, I remember the USO. Yes, I remember all of Tet and that was my first run-in with hostiles. Yes, I remember a whole lot of fine folk from MACV, Palm Springs, Binh Thuy NB, our 17 field teams in the province capitals. The tremendous SOS sqdrn who did so much of our dirty work and yes, Binh Thuy DID have a tower and I use to shoot GCA's for fun in our U-10's. Pretty good for a doggie, huh? No, the field was 5000' and F100's used to run off the end into the chains. I remember the valiant white mice during Tet. So many heroes, so much honor. So privileged to have served.

Bill ex PsyOps '68

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