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Alledged atrocities

From: Joe Beben - liner57@cox.net
Date: 28 Mar 2004
Time: 00:32:03
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This is a request for information anyone has about two items. I'm checking a statement made in Douglas Brinkley's recent book describing Senator John Kerry's experiences in Vietnam. On page 439, of "Tour of Duty" Brinkley says that a John Hurley was a member of the 69th Engineers in 1967-68 and that Hurley came away "distraught and disaffected" after his tour in the Mekong Delta. "What he had seen, to include atrocities" convinced him that US Forces had to get out of SE Asia, and fast. For your information, John Hurley is now the Director, Veterans for John Kerry. Many veterans of the 69th have been queried about John Hurley but so far no one has been found who remembers him. So, question one, IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO REMEMBERS A JOHN HURLEY BEING IN THE 69th, especially during 1967-68? If YES, what's the when and where and what did he do? What was his rank, etc, etc. And secondly, concerning the allegation with an inference that the 69th Engr was involved in atrocities, I have never heard so much as a rumor or seen a shred of evidence that members of the 69th were involved in atrocities and I was there for 11 months during 1967-68. My job had me flying all over the Delta on a daily basis to almost every location there were men from the 69th. So, what's the story, does anyone have any idea, however remote, or know anything about such an appalling event involving any unit of the 69th or any member of the 69th that could somehow be said to be an atrocity? I don't know what Brinkley is referring to but my Webster dictionary defines atrocity as "shocking cruelty or wickedness, an atrocious deed or something very bad of its kind". I will be sending a letter to Hurley very shortly about this business and would like to present the facts as they are presently known to me and any new information that results from this request. I feel that a vicious pall has been cast over the honorable service of men of the 69th while they were in Vietnam and I want to get to the bottom of this. And we owe as much to our fallen comrades. If you want I can keep all information provided confidential and can be contacted at: liner57@cox.net or telephone me at 703-803-3012. Thanks for your help and let me hear from you. Joe Beben

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