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Re: Alledged atrocities

From: Bob Crowley
Date: 05 Apr 2004
Time: 03:58:39
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No, I have never heard of anyone from the 69th Engineer Battalion being involved in anything close to an atrocity in any way, shape, or form. I was there from late January 1968 to early July of 1969, and never saw anything like this. I was the battalion Senior Radio Operator in the Commo Section in Headquarters Company, and one of the people copied on this message was the battalion Legal Clerk at that time. If anything like this had happened one of us would surely have heard the story even as a myth. The 69th was involved in various operations during that time, and whilst I cannot say I knew the details of all of them, something like this would not have remained a secret for long. There were numerous minor combat actions during that time, and one truly major action during Big Tet of 1968, but I never heard the word "atrocity" applied to any of it. Since you read the book, what sort of "atrocity" was claimed to have been committed? If we are being accused of something here, I hope this John Hurley fellow had the decency to say what it is. Best Regards, Bob R.T.Crowley

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