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Re: Alledged atrocities

From: John Rigalski
Date: 05 Apr 2004
Time: 04:06:04
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I served in the 69th, in Delta Company from about August '67 thru June 68, leaving on or about 1 Jul 68. I never saw anything that could be even remotely called an atrocity. In fact, most of our guys treated the locals with respect, usually. There may have been some "Hey mamasan, get your ass over here" kind of thing, but atrocities? Never! I never heard of John Hurley, and as Company Clerk, I would have heard of anyone in our company. In addition, I was friendly with the guys at Battalion HQ, so I am sure I would have heard of any irregularities. I got a feeling this guy is a "wanna be' puke who just hates the US and all it stands for. I had a enough issues when I came home, and now this person is trying to disparage our reputation makes me ill. What is the name of this book this so-called hero has written? John R

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