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Re: 20thEngineer Brigade Reunion

From: Wendy Ventura
Date: 5/16/2006
Time: 4:10:06 PM
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Hello! This is a far stretch, but I really want to find someone that served w/my dad in Vietnam. I put this site in my favorites and have taken awhile to do anything about this since the last time I posted something it was on another site which wasn't a very well maintained one. Sorry I don't have all the info with me right now (I'm at work) but thought I'd at least start asking around. He was an Eng. in Vietnam in 1970 and either in 69 or 71. I will get the info this week, but it's a little confusing since I think he must've been under another unit while in Vietnam and came back and transfererd to another since I saw a few different units in his papers. Anyway, his name is Roger J. Breaux and was a LT. there. He would've been from Los Angeles at the time, but born & raised in Louisiana. He passed away in May of 1999. Do you mind if I email you again with the info? I really want to get more info on him since we never really talked about it. I'd like to put his info and some pictures next to my husbands in a scrapbook I will be making. My husband was in Iraq at the beginning of O.I.F. in an Eng. Bn. under the 101st Airborne Div. I thought it'd be cool to put them together since they did similar things. I can be reached at: wendy.ventura2@us.army.mil Thank you all for serving! Bless you.

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