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Re: Part II - The 69th and the 1968 Tet Offensive

From: Riley Cook C. Co. Det-2 52nd Sig Bn. 67-68
Date: 5/29/2006
Time: 8:53:07 AM
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Mr. Beben I would like to make a correction to your TET-68 report if you don't mind.It has been many years now since the battles of TET-68 and we're all getting older.I was at Vinh-Long at that time and I will never forget those 5 days we fought the VC at the base off and on.#1 correction,We had been told that we were to be hit that night at around 3:10AM and placed on aleart.We did not know how hard we were going to be hit that night.Myself and Ssg.Don Swift and a couple of other guys from our Det.were sent to the 199th Birddogs area.on the other side of the airstrip.The VC were every where,one of the new Cobra's that was at Vinh-Long was booby trap'd and couldn't be used.The fighting with the VC went on and off for four more days until an F4Phantum came to help us out. After that things weren't as bad,By then,Macv Team 60 and troops from the 9th Arvn Rangers were flown in and helped clean out Vinh-Long village. #2,As for how the Airfield Commander was killed.He was killed within the first 15min of TET-68.I also had heard many stories as to how he was killed.I located Mr.Anderson,Who worked for Col.Thompson and asked him just how the Col. was killed.His responce E-Mail is Below.I would like to add one thing that has never been mentioned in any of the reports that I have on file.The airfield at the time was being readied to be extened so that larger aircraft could land,a dredge was in the river dredging sand and was placeing the sand at one end of the airstrip,This sand was as high as a small hill and covered up the consatina wire on that end of the airstrip. thats one way the VC were able to get on the airfield.I have Video and Pictures of the F4 attacking the VC on the airfield,and some others as well,If intrested please feel free to contact me and I would be more than happey to share them with you.Thank you for your report sir,and thank you 69th Eng.'s for your help during that time. Were alive and here to make the reports,The rest is up to history. Take Care & God Bless Riley Cook Vinh-Long 67-68 Dear Riley, I don't know how you got my name, but yes I can answer your questions as I worked directly for LTC Thompson, he was a wonderful man, all for his men, wouldn't take any shit. Sometime after the motar rounds starting coming in and some small arms firing on the compound, he got into his jeep and a SSG V. Newton got in on the passenger side and LTC Thompson drove down to the airstrip and both were shot, LTC Thomposn was shot thru the lower windshield and right thru his chest and into the set cushion, the same for SSG Newton, they both died instantly. If there is anything else, just let me know . When did you get to Vinh Long, you were their the same time I was there. Were did you live while you were in Vinh Long. Take care and if you have anymore questions let me know. Regards Pete Tandelo@aol.com wrote: Mr Anderson My name is Riley Cook,I was with Co.C. Det-2 52nd Sig.Bn.at Vinh-Long 67-68.If you don't mind I'd like to ask you a question. I and others from my Det.were sent to the 199th Birdog Mait. Area the first night of TET-68.I've heard many different stories on how the Airfield Commander Col.Thompson was killed that first night of TET.Could you please tell me just how he was killed? I know it's been alot of years and you may not wish to answer.If not I can understand and it will be no problem. Take Care Riley Cook Vinh-Long 67-68

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