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Re: Bein Hoa Army Base

From: Ron Conway - Castle 159
Date: 10/5/2006
Time: 6:56:53 PM
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I think your first name was Bob. And yes, it's me, the cop from St. Louis. I think you last flew on the day that 335 got ate up by ground fire over some rubber. No one got hurt, 148 hits and no blood. HOW COULD THAT BE? That was our first ship, 335? and I think you were on it when it happened. I think I was gunning for Hawkeye? that day on 550? I remember we had to hook it up to a CH-48 so they could hall it to the junk pile. We were both up by Phuc Vinh, I think, hauling some big parts for the engineers. I belive you guys took off with the pacs, and we had some big gears and other crap that was real heavy. Ended up, we had the pacs and the heavy stuffed stuffed on our ship. Remember that guy that was one of your pacs, the lifer engineer with the big handlebar mustache. He was scared shitless. I told them we had to make our weapons safe. Everybody looked at each other and we locked and loaded every gun that was on the ship. I don't know if you remember, but we were grossly overloaded. I think that ship was a D model. We coldn't get a high hover, so we had to slide off the pad and follow the hill contour down, hoping to get speed to transition. Had a big pucker factor due to some razer ribbon at the perimeter, but the pilot damn near pulled the pitch out of the floor. He kept bouncing it and we just made it. That's when we got 159, to replace the ate up one. You flew a few more times, but your heart wasn't in it, so you pulled CQ after that. I understand now why you felt the way you did. You were short and had sense. I was a complete moron and sisn't know any better. They passed the big book to me and I was the CC. After you left, we had a bunch of sorry replacements come in. Seems like every one of them was a drugee. not that I didn't have my vices, but they didn't want to do any work of any kind. I got help from the old timers and got by. There was a great bunch of guys there when came in. Didn't stay that way...Had to clean guns and ship and pull maintenace with the old group. We all helped each other. Anyway, went back to police work and I'm still at it. Currently I'm a Lt. with the Federal Reserve Police in St. Louis. Been there for the last 27 years. I'm the training administrator and adise the Federal Reserve System on law enforcemen issues. And yes, I'm still a moron...It's a small kingdom, but it's mine :-} So, tell how your doing. Please, let's stay in touch. Ron Conway 762 Summer Top Circle Fenton, MO 63026 314-537-0326 rc7358@sbcglobal.net

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