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Re: Bein Hoa Army Base

From: R.Caldwell
Date: 10/10/2006
Time: 10:41:39 AM
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Ron, yes I now remember your name you were really a crazy guy but we got along real good you surte have a great memory. you sure refreshed mine. Do you have any contact with any other members of the group? yes you rember rodney barnes, capt. bynum, warrent officer hanney, the guy who went to siagon every other weekend and was at the infermiry on monday for his pencillin shot..the same girl and just good not lesve her alone( dumb) there was guy pratt. he would get drunk and come get in my face and i would beat his but he would go get fixed up and do it again... Iam am working for ford mtr.co. the dearborn truck plant in michigan building F-150 units, I supervise 33 employees ( adult baby sitting) these youner guys/ gals are really something. You have any problems with PTSD? I had it for the frist 5 yrs back home but went away and the last 4 months is coming back again, Iam working with the VA hospital to contain this i hate to sleep for the dreams and the reactions.I am going to call you so we can discuss our adventures. My sister in law lives in St Peters missouri her husband worked at the ford plant that justed closed recently. You take care and well take soon. Robert caldwell 37636 southampton, livonia, MI, 48154 734-542-8036 Geminic659@msn.com

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