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Re: Bein Hoa Army Base

From: Ron Conway
Date: 10/12/2006
Time: 4:40:53 PM
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Yes, I remember that guy... real dumb ass. After you left we had a guy that was actually married to local in Bein Hoa City. He was authorized to live off base. He had a motorcycle and drove in everyday after sunrise. He was authorized personal weapons and all kinds of stuff. Don't think I would of done that! I has some PTSD problems, I think...I had an intense interest in Veitnam era things. I used to watch the movies over and over again. The sound of those blades flapping still makes the hair on the back my neck stand on end. This may sound crazy, but I was kind of homesick for those places and things we did. I also felt guilty for making it back when so many didn't. We were really lucky. I saw my Doctor and he said it sounded like I was suffering from PTSD, so he gave me some Zoloft (a harmless drug that calms down your sarotonin) and I feel a lot better about things in general. Funny, I used to be really Obsessive compulsive about everything. Know I could care less. Things just don't bother me. Wonderful drug, ask your Doctor for something. It may help while you're waiting on the VA. Remember the Donut Dollies? Were they really that hot looking? Or were just lonely. I thought they were just like Goddesses. Yup, I'm the same old moron. lol Wish I could find some of the other guys. For some strange reason, the Engineers didn't document a lot of their personnel and movements. As far as I can tell, our Avn. Det. did not officially exist. What was our Green Beanie 1st Sgts name? He was a great guy. His replacement was not!!! Okay, talk to you later. I've got your contact info. We'll hook up!

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