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Re: Welcome home\\\\

From: Ron Conway
Date: 10/13/2006
Time: 6:38:43 PM
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Johnny, thanks for the words. It's hard to find the guys from back then. I said in another post that for some strange reason, the Engs. did'nt do a lot of documentation on personnel or movements. I remember supply. We had to draw our stuff from you guys, becuase we were detached to the 20th HHC. When I got there, you guys gave me a rifle and a gas mask. I said, Where do I draw ammo? They said, Shit! I don't know, just go out and find some, it's all over the fricken place. They were right, had ammo every place you looked. Well, I hope you're doing okay. It's glad to know you guys knew we were there. Can't find any record of the 20th having an Avn. Det. Hey, remember the theater we had out in the back...built out of boards? All the movies said "fine" at the end French for "The End" I don't know if you were there, but on July 4, 1970, to celebrate, we fired 30 rounds of green AK tracer right over the rootops of HHC. Your guys came after us in full gear. We told them it was the 1st CAV. cause them guys was crazy. I don't think they bought it, but they didn't shoot us...LOL!!! You know, I wish all of us could go back in time and stand on that very spot and know what we know today. We were all brothers...and sisters!! I miss you all.

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